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Pixelmator Unveils New Pro Software with Machine Learning Features

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Pixelmator Unveils New Pro Software with Machine Learning Features

Pixelmator is best known as the image editor for Mac you buy if you don’t need — or can’t afford — all the bells and whistles that come with Photoshop. Now, the company behind Pixelmator is introducing some of those extra features itself, unveiling a new version of its software today named Pixelmator Pro.

Pixelmator Pro will go on sale later this year for an undisclosed price. (The company told The Verge it wants to make it “as affordable as possible.” By comparison, regular Pixelmator costs $30 on the Mac, while a Photoshop subscription starts at $10 a month.) The new software has a redesigned look and an array of new tools for jobs including retouching photos, creating vector graphics, digital painting, and designing layouts. Pixelmator Pro won’t do everything that Adobe’s full suite can, but it looks to be a big step up from the company’s original software.

“The target audience is pretty much everyone. Our goal has always been to create an image editor that absolutely anyone could use and enjoy. Photoshop (and other apps) do their thing and we do ours.” - Pixelmator’s Andrius Gailiunas

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Pixelmator Unveils new Pro Software with Machine Learning features



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